The Washington Endurance Series (WES) consists of a number of self-supported endurance mountain bike rides in the breathtaking scenery of the Evergreen State. The rides listed below are not guided, nor lead by anyone. The function of the WES website is only to provide a start time, a suggested route, and to limit the number of riders starting at the same time in accordance with land-use regulations. Each rider is responsible for his or her own safety.

There are no fees, no prizes, and there is absolutely no support. The goal is to finish these challenges while setting your own pace. These are not races on closed circuits, so be courteous and share the trail with all other users. A best attempt will be made to record your finishing time in comparison to others. It is up to the riders to understand the route and they assume full responsibility for their navigation and well being.  Individual time trials are encouraged and will be listed with other finishing times.

Since these rides go into remote and rugged areas, it should be understood that they should only be attempted by experienced backcountry mountain bikers. It is your responsibility to ensure your safety on these backcountry epics. These are not group rides, although some people might do these with friends, or even other riders they meet at the start or along the route.  If you question your ability to complete these rides, it is best that you consider other options before trying one of these. Familiarity with and having first-aid, bike tools, maps, gps, light, and water filtration are a necessity. Failure to be self-sufficient may very well get you into trouble. Consider riding with a satellite tracking device (SPOT, DeLorme). It is up to you – and you alone – to ensure your safety. Read the Rules.

The WES promotes responsible endurance mountain biking by suggesting venues for people to meet and share their passion for endurance cycling. If you have interest in these rides, come out and join us. And if you like to help make this grassroots effort better by adding new routes or have other feedback, leave a comment below.

  1. Whiskey Dick Warm Up: 30 April, 2016
  2. Devil’s Big Loop: 18 June, 2016 cancelled due to weather
  3. Jolly Esmeralda23 July, 2016
  4. Cascade Triple Crown: 6 August, 2016

Only a limited number of people can do the rides at the same time due to land-use regulations, so sign up on the individual ride pages. If you have questions about a particular ride, use the comment field below each ride.

6 responses to “

  1. Any dates planned yet for 2017?

  2. I’ll be starting whiskey dick long loop at 9am on 4/29/17. I’ll leave a time sheet at the gate in case anyone else is interested.

  3. If I organized it could we still do a cascade triple crown at least?

  4. Plans for 2018? Never done one of these races but would be happy to help organize and ride in one!

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