| Cascade Triple Crown

Please read the Rules. This is an unsupported route. You need to be self-sufficient and are solely responsible for your actions.

This is the classic mountain bike endurance ride in Washington State. You are challenging Crystal Mountain, Sun Top, and the extensive Noble Knob / Palisades ridge line. The route has a lot of variety. You’ll ride smooth, techy, and rooty single track through alpine meadows, old-growth forest, and along ridges. Some parts are steep, some have flow, a couple places have cliff-exposure coming down Crystal Mountain, and there are 2 good gravel road climbs. Hike-a-bike is minimal: one 10 minute section involves a ladder at the end of Palisades trail, and then Skookum Flats has a couple places were you’ll need to get up rooty sections. The route is 65% single track, 30% gravel and 5% paved. If the weather cooperates, you’ll see Mt. Rainier from each of the three single track portions:

Along Noble Knob trail.


Saturday, 6 Aug. 2016, 8:00 am sharp
Anticipated finishing times: 10-14 hours


Start/Finish is at the Sun Top trail head. Parking requires a NW Forest Pass.

CTC Start/Finish

CTC Start/Finish


62 miles, 13,500 ft. elevation, Ride with GPS link to gpx track file:
– Go on Export, then select TCS, GPX, or KML file format.
– No warranty, express or implied, use at your own discretion.
– Test that the file loaded correctly on your GPS device before attempting to ride.
– Do not rely solely on the track file. Bring maps and know how to use them.

  • Start at Sun Top trailhead near the Ranger Creek airport
  • Go north and turn right onto Hwy 410 to Corral Pass Rd.
  • Take a left up Corral Pass Rd., at the first bridge go across, then left up Silver Creek dirt road
  • Go south on Hwy 410 for one mile to the right turn-off for the Crystal Mountain trail head
  • Go up Crystal Mountain trail, down via Henskin Lake and Silver Creek trails
  • Continue down Gold Hill dirt road to Hwy 410
  • After 0.5 miles on Hwy 410, take the turn-off for Silver Creek Rd. and go down to Corral Pass Road over the bridge.
  • After going over the bridge, go right: take Corral Pass Rd. up to the Noble Knob trailhead which is past the parking lot on the left
  • Ride Noble Knob, Dalles Ridge trails, and down Palisades trail
  • Head south on White River trail to near the Ranger Creek trailhead, where you’ll cross Hwy 410, go across the bridge, and start the Skookum Flats trail heading north
  • Ride Skookum Flats north to NF-7315
  • Take a left onto NF-7315 and go all the way up to the Sun Top lookout
  • Ride the Sun Top trail back to the start/finish point.
CTC overview

CTC overview

Elevation profile

Total elevation gain of Cascade Triple Crown is ~13,500 ft.

Water / resupply points

Water: There are 3 general areas to filter water. The first area is coming down from Crystal mountain, there are 2, 3 small creeks. The second area is almost at the end of Palisades, and the last place is Buck Creek on the final downhill on Sun Top trail. There is also the big Goat Creek next to Corral Pass Rd., and a stream half-ways along Skookum Flats trail may be running.  Filtration is advised.

Food: On top of Crystal Mountain is the Summit House restaurant and at the base are more restaurants. If you go off-course to reach those, you need to rejoin the route where you left off.

Bring some food, beverages and folding chairs for a post-ride gathering in the parking lot (the start/finish).


By signing up for a ride you are acknowledging that you are aware of the risks, dangers and hazards associated with this activity, and freely accept and fully assume all such risks, dangers and hazards, and further agree to release and discharge the Washington Endurance Series website maintainers against any and all liability arising from your participation in the activities.

If you have questions, use the comment field below.

No more than 74 people may ride according to the National Forest Service regulations.

As of 7-7-16, 5 people are signed up. Please register only once. The only confirmation that you will get will be the message “Thanks, your response has been recorded.” You will not get a link to see who else is signed up. You will also not get an emailed confirmation. If you need to make changes, fill out the form again and edit your Action.

8 responses to “| Cascade Triple Crown

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  2. Missed you guys on Saturday. Attempted it solo. Some riders near the top of Northway at Crystal told me you guys had just departed Summit House as I was about a half mile down. I had to bail due to bad cramps while climbing over Noble Knob and just made it down the trail to Buck Creek (~8 hrs). So I’ll take the double and head back in the ‘near’ future for another triple attempt. Hope you guys were successful.

    • Thanks for coming out – too bad we missed you! Cramps can be awful. Glad that you were able to finish Palisades safely. The views of Mt. Rainier were magnificent all day. BTW: There’s always a sign in/out sheet near my bike rack for you to record your time. Good luck on your next attempt! Results will be up later this week.

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  4. Ron DesMarais

    Do you have a 2017 schedule out yet?

  5. Do you have a Fastest Known Time for the Triple Crown route?

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