1. All riders are entirely responsible for themselves at all times during the ride. These are not races nor closed events, so be courteous and share the trail with all other users. Yield, smile, and ride in control.
  2. The routes listed are suggestions only. If something seems unsafe, don’t do it. For your finish time to be included in the results, you need to follow the entire route under your own power as close as reasonably possible. Self sufficiency is a must. There are NO support stations and no medics. Navigation along the route is entirely up to the individual. Bring your own maps and do not expect others to wait for you or bail you out.
  3. Accepting random acts of kindness “trail magic” are ok, but please no begging.
  4. Drafting is not ok.
  5. No private cashes (food, water). Generally, all of the routes have water sources available – though filtration devices will be needed. Food supplies are scarce on all routes – so plan accordingly. Self-sufficiency is a must on these rides– this cannot be stated enough.
  6. Riding off-route to use publicly available resources is ok, but you must rejoin the route where you left off.
  7. Riders are responsible for knowing and obeying all laws. Always wear a helmet.
  8. All riders must carry proper identification and personal emergency contact phone number at all times while cycling. All riders must carry and use legal bicycle lights when cycling at hours of darkness. It’s quite likely that you will be riding in darkness.
  9. All riders must follow the basic rules for safe cycling: When on the road – ride to the right, single file. Stop at all stop signs and red signals. Protect and warn one another about road hazards and traffic. Don’t overlap wheels. Practice safe group riding etiquette. When on trails follow IMBA’s Trail Rules.
  10. No more than 74 people may start a ride on USFS land according to the noncommerical group-use regulation.
  11. No more than 29 people may start a ride on land managed by the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife according to their public conduct rules.

These rules are similar to other mountain bike endurance series (SWES) and longer bikepacking routes such as the AZT 300/750.

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